Teaching Since 1999

Our Mission

Promote the love for Latin and Cuban music through its dance.


Created in 1999 by Julian Mejia, SALSAtlanta has been promoting Cuban music and dances and teaching Rueda de Casino and Casino dance, also known as "Cuban Salsa" or "Salsa Casino" in Atlanta and Athens GA.

As part of their efforts to promote Cuban culture and its dances, SALSAtlanta has produced and sponsor many events during the years and hosted classes and dance workshops that embrace Cuban and Latin culture in the South.


As some of the efforts to keep the culture alive, SALSAtlanta has been responsible for the creation of evening events like:

  • Salsa on Tuesday at Apres Diem (since 2001)
  • SALSAtlanta Annual Fiesta de Navidad (Since - 2002)
  • Sunday Classes (Since 1999)
  • Latin Elegance Wednesday Classes at Tongue & Groove (Since 2002), produced and created by Flamingo Productions since 1997
  • Thursday Classes at Compound (2003 - 2005), event produced by PR Productions
  • SALSAtlanta 10, The 3 Day Cuban Party (since 2009), created to celebrate the first decade of SALSAtlanta teaching in Atlanta
  • La Casa del Son (since 2008), the home of Cuban music in Atlanta

Salsa Classes

Salsa Classes for all levels.

Classes on Sundays are conducted by 8 different trained dance instructors. Each instructor conducts a different level class, that way, we can accommodate different level students in the same room at the same time. Students progress on their own pace and move from level to level based on their own skill level.