Julian Mejia

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Julián Mejía, born in Manizales Colombia. Started to dance salsa at early age. His interest in Cuban music started at age 9 and since then, Cuban, classical and classic Rock have been his passion.

Julián moved to Miami in 1995 after receiving his MA in Marketing Communication & Advertising in Boston and soon after started learning Casino with Ramani Nicola (Salsa-Casino Dance Studios) and Henry Herrera (Verdaderos Reyes de la Salsa Dance Studios).

During his time in Miami, Julián traveled to Cuba as he was interested in learning more about the culture and the music of the island.

In Spring of 1999, Julián moved to Atlanta and under the name of SALSAtlanta, started the first Casino school and Casino performance group in Georgia. Julián has been teaching and promoting Cuban music and dance in Atlanta.

Julián has contributed to spreading the Casino style in Atlanta and beyond by conducting workshops in different cities around North and South America.

In 2007 was recognized during the 6th Annual International Salsa Congress in Miami by the school Salsa Lovers with the "Alex Award" for his contribution to the world of Latin Dance.

Julián works as a graphic designer during the day and is the director and producer of SALSAtlanta 10, the 3-Day Cuban Party, the largest event dedicated to Cuban music and dance in the East Coast.